Sponsorship Plans
Sponsorship Plan
Category Deliverables As Title Sponsor As Powered By Sponsor As Supported/In Association Sponsor
Maximum Number of Sponsors in respective category 1 2 4
On-Field Brand presence on main poster/ backdrop Y Y Y
Brand presence on standees Y Y Y
Branding At Entrance Gate (s) Y Y Y
Flood light banner (20 x 5 ft) Y Y Y
Brand presence on Team T-shirt Chest Back Arm
Brand presence on trophy/ Awards Y N N
Brand presence on a Tickets/ Passes Y Y N
Brand mention during commentary Y Y Y
Brand presence on registration spot area Y Y Y
Brand presence on LED Screen Y Y Y
Parameter Board Branding Y N N
Digital Brand mention on the tournament website Y Y Y
Dedicated shout out on social media channels 2 2 1
Brand presence on social media channels Y Y Y
Presence in promotional video (Pre event) Y Y Y
Presence in promotional video (Post Event) Y Y Y
Brand Presence on Team Invitation Y Y Y
Media Mention Dedicated media article on Entrackr (Pre, During & Post) Y Y N
Live streaming mention Y Y Y
Media mentions in "inside sports" Y Y Y
Tickets Match tickets 200 150 100
Networking Dinner & Drinks Networking Dinner for all days: Food Passes 20/day 15/day 10/day
Drinks during and after the match Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Exhibitor Stall Exhibitor Stall (1 in Number) 10*10 ft 8*8 ft 6*6 ft
Award Function Award presentation along with chief guest to present the trophy to the winning team Y N N

Key Facilities

Exposure/Brand Awareness

Networking & Boosting Relationship

Gaining Insightful information

Customer Base

New Audience

Market research

Promoting products/service offerings

Meeting leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs & startup enthusiast

Mass Outreach

Brand credibility

Partnerships & Strategic Deals

One on one interaction

Grab Sponsorship Opportunity

Why Attend

Networking with entrepreneurs, partners and with like minded people.

Sharing and learning new things while keeping updated with new trends and overall insights of startup ecosystem.

Meeting experts, new people to find synergies.

Experiencing Energy & Competitiveness of the startup world

Exposure and brand visibility

Enhancing personal/brand reputation

Direct access to audience/help in research

Healthy & Productive discussions and relationships

Product/Service: Showcasing & strengthening brand trust

Audience Profile


Unicorn Founder/


VC’s /
Angel Investors


Sports Enthusiast


Startup Enthusiast


Internet Companies




General Audience

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