Through UPL, we intend to combine sportsmanship and competitive spirit within people of similar mindsets, while also making them flex their muscles at the cricket field.

Unicorn premier league is a IPL for startups where 16 unicorn teams will demonstrate true spirit of team effort while competing for supremacy. UPL will surely help to build relations among the teams. Also, gives an opportunity to entrepreneurs for de-stressing and networking while enjoying a game of cricket.

UPL is an initiative that provides a conducive environment for networking among each other. It act as a platform to build the team and play the game in the right spirit, which is also the essence for any business to succeed. UPL will also help in developing the better bonding that will lead to a better work culture and stronger team spirit among companies.

Key Facilities

All days drinks/Juices, high tea & dinner for teams

On-Field commentary & Digital scoring, LED screens

Cheer-leaders availability on ground

Flood lights & audience sitting availability

Team stands and all branding related collaterals on the ground

Umpire, scoring, physiotherapist availability

DJ, Sound & League Mascot availability

Tenting & Canopies for audience, teams

Dance performance and other cheerleading activities

Teams dresses & Parking, Security and overall sports management

Live streaming-all matches


With Unicorn premier league we intend to develop competitive spirit among teams. Also to foster the relationship and developing overall networking community among startups.


Why Attend

Networking with entrepreneurs, partners and with like minded people.

Sharing and learning new things while keeping updated with new trends and overall insights of startup ecosystem.

Meeting experts, new people to find synergies.

Experiencing Energy & Competitiveness of the startup world

Exposure and brand visibility

Enhancing personal/brand reputation

Direct access to audience/help in research

Healthy & Productive discussions and relationships

Product/Service: Showcasing & strengthening brand trust

Audience Profile


Unicorn Founder/


VC’s /
Angel Investors


Sports Enthusiast


Startup Enthusiast


Internet Companies




General Audience

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